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    Back Pain Surgery

    Back Pain Surgury

    Know The Risks!

    Every year 12 million Americans make new-patient visits to their doctor for chronic low back pain. 100 millions patient visits are made to chiropractors for it every year. More work days are lost from low back pain than any other form of disability in the United States. The causes of low back pain are often difficult to diagnose, and therefore treat. According to the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine, dramatic surgical successes apply to only about one per cent of patients with low back disorders. For back patients who undergo surgery, 15 to 20 per cent will fall into the category of “failed back”, referring to people with long term back pain that medical doctors can’t fix. Post surgical scarring can also cause chronic back pain.

    Some causes of back pain are not generally known. For example, myelegrams, done for diagnostic purposes, actually cause many cases of back pain! This can happen from scarring or from dye left over from the test, causing a cyst within the scar tissue (mostly from oil dyes). Water dyes are now being used more than oil dyes, but are not without problems, either. Epidural anesthesia given for pain relief during childbirth and for some outpatient surgery has also been found to cause a high incidence of long-term back pain. This may be partly because the patient can remain in a potentially damaging posture for long periods of time. One study showed that eight per cent of women who had epidurals during labor developed long term backache as a direct consequence of back pain surgury.

    The reason  write about these problems is not just to scare you, but to get you to think about how you want to treat your back pain. Medical science does not have all the answers. Chiropractic, being conservative and usually very effective, should be the first line of treatment for any back problem If all else fails, maybe surgery could be tried. It often sounds like a quick solution, compared to regular adjustments, need to be worked on for a lifetime. When if comes to back pain surgery, remember quick solutions are not always the best.

    If you have questions or want a second opinion on an expensive operation, contact me today so we can work on saving you from pain without the nasty ramifications that surgery can produce.