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    "Dr Bruinsma has a very special touch - gentle but corrective. I have tried others, but she is the best!" -- D.L.
    3555 Byron Center Ave Wyoming, MI
    Tel: 616-531-3566


    Can chiropractics helpAlmost everyone can be helped by chiropractic, and for more conditions than most people realize. If you have a spine, chiropractic is an option for you. Did you know that even animals benefit from chiropractic care? I’ve treated people from 3 days old to 95 years old. If you wonder if your condition can be helped, ask. From asthma and allergies, to headaches, arm pain, sciatica, back pain and more, if it has a nerve supply (and everything in the body does) it could be affected by spinal misalignments.  Many people often forget that nerves are the signals for the body to perform all actions.  Chiropractics can even help with digestion issues! We are experts in making sure your body is running the best it can.

    So when you ask yourself “can chiropractics help?” the answer could be yes!  People often think that their issues are unique, but chances are you are not alone.  I just love it when a client hears that we can help headaches that they have been on medications for and within a few visits I can see the relief in their faces and the joy of living pain free.  Contact me today to get your consultation to see if I can get you feeling better!