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    "Dr Bruinsma has a very special touch - gentle but corrective. I have tried others, but she is the best!" -- D.L.
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    For the athlete patient, chiropractic care is not only about treating injuries, but also for aiding in recovery and positively impacting athletic performance. Chiropractic takes a non-invasive, drug-free approach to healthcare, a position that is now highly regarded among health minded athletes. Chiropractic care is particularly valuable for pain management, and offers athletes highly effective solutions for achieving optimal performance without the use of prescription drugs. From the professional athlete, to the Olympian, to the weekend warrior, chiropractic can help them all. Continue reading

    Chiropractors Glossary


    Chiropractors GlossarySometimes I forget that words that I use everyday are not all the same as the ones you use everyday. So the following is a list of a few of the words I might use when talking to you. If you ever have questions about other words you hear from me, please ask me what they mean.

    ACUTE: Of short duration and relatively severe.

    ATLAS: The uppermost bone of the spine, and the most freely moveable.

    CERVICAL: Referring to the 7 bones of the neck.

    CHRONIC: Persisting for a long period of time.

    DISC: A cushion/pad that separates spinal vertebrae, absorbs shock to the spine, and helps protect the nervous system.

    FIXATION: An area of the spine or specific joint with stuck or restricted motion.

    LUMBAR: Referring to the lowest 5 bones of the spine (above the pelvis).

    PALPATION: examining the spine by hand.

     PELVIS: The base of the spine below the lumbar spine. This includes the bone called the sacrum, often called the tailbone.

     THORACIC: Referring to the 12 bones of the spine from the base of the neck to about 6” above the waist.

    VERTEBRA: Any of the individual bones of the spine.

    How to speed up healing

    Patients often ask me what they can do to speed their recovery and enhance the healing process. Here are some ideas:

    1. Proper rest. A good night’s sleep gives your body time to heal. Use a supportive mattress and a pillow that promotes proper neck curve. Sleep on your back or side. Continue reading

    Health and Nutrition – Shaklee Products

    Shaklee has chosen August as their most common time to introduce new products and this year is no exception. One new product this year is a Whey Protein drink, which they have made to fit into their CINCH weight-loss program, so each serving is also a complete meal replacement. That is, it has one third of all your other nutrients in it, as well. This product is great for those who have a sensitivity or allergy to soy, which Shaklee’s other protein products are made of. It comes in a vanilla flavor. It is available now. Continue reading

    Stand tall and eliminate bad posture

    Everyone knows that people lose height as they age, but did you know that getting shorter can shorten your life? A recent University of London study found a strong correlation between losing height and mortality! The authors speculated that physical restriction of the lungs and abdominal cavity was responsible for the increase in cardiovascular disease, stroke, and respiratory mortality. Continue reading

    How Often do I need an adjustment?

    How often is a question I get frequently. Everyone wants to know how often he or she needs to come in for adjustments. The answer to that is…it depends. Do you want a quick fix, or a long term solution? How old are you? What is your health history? What is your lifestyle and activity level?

    Continue reading

    Chiropractor Care Referrals

    Thanks to all of you who have been referring your friends, relatives, and coworkers here for chiropractic care. I appreciate the opportunity to serve all of you. It’s interesting to observe new patients as they come in, begin to get well, and get excited about chiropractic. Next thing you know, they’ve shared their story with others, and more people come in for care.

    Continue reading