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    Customer Testimonials

    "Dr Bruinsma has a very special touch - gentle but corrective. I have tried others, but she is the best!" -- D.L.
    3555 Byron Center Ave Wyoming, MI
    Tel: 616-531-3566

    Thanks to all of you who have been referring your friends, relatives, and coworkers here for chiropractic care. I appreciate the opportunity to serve all of you. It’s interesting to observe new patients as they come in, begin to get well, and get excited about chiropractic. Next thing you know, they’ve shared their story with others, and more people come in for care.

    It makes coming to work a joy every day. But there are so many people who do not yet know what chiropractic can do for them. Don’t let your friends suffer needlessly. If you know anyone with back pain, shoulder and arm pain, headaches, sprains or strains, “just muscle soreness” that doesn’t go away, etc. please share your story. I know I’m eternally grateful that my chiropractor cousin told my parents to bring me in as a child of eight. Chiropractic is so much better an answer than the drugs I would probably otherwise be on for the things chiropractic helps me with, such as headaches and chronic colds I got as a child.

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