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    "Dr Bruinsma has a very special touch - gentle but corrective. I have tried others, but she is the best!" -- D.L.
    3555 Byron Center Ave Wyoming, MI
    Tel: 616-531-3566

    Chiropractic patient testimonials for Wyoming MI Chiropractors

    Chiropractic patient testimonials for Wyoming MI ChiropractorsI see Dr Bruinsma for my back pain. I think the primary reason I go to her is the office atmosphere which reflects the way she lives her life. It is always calm in the office. I always relax when I set foot in her office. She schedules one patient at a time and stays on schedule so there is often no one in the waiting room. The next patient arrives as I leave.

    Dr Bruinsma lives her life and runs her practice with consistency. The cost is reasonable. Her career is part of her service to others. Her faith is reflected in her life by the music in the office and her kindness and integrity which is without question. If she feels my pain is a medical condition she sends me to my primary care physician. She will give her opinion (and has always been right on) but does not pretend to treat something she can’t.

    Her adjustments are very gentle but firm and deliberate. There is privacy! It is just Linda and I in a room and she is there working on me the whole time.

    I trust Linda in that if she wants me to come back I probably need to. Her goal is to see you less often!


    Dr Bruinsma has a very special touch – gentle but corrective.  I have tried others, but she is the best!



    Dr Bruinsma is the finest chiropractor I have visited.  Her quiet, gentle nature puts you at ease from the moment you meet her.  She always takes the time to address every concern of mine immediately.  I was amazed at how much better I felt after my adjustments.  I felt completely confident after meeting Dr. Bruinsma  and after our first session knew that this was a doctor I could work with and she would work with me.   If you want a chiropractor who gives an adjustment that feels great, a price that is reasonable, and total attention to you and your concerns, call Dr. Bruinsma!



    I have been going to Dr. Linda my whole life.  Now my husband and two young boys also go to her.  I started with both my boys as infants because of all the benefits it brings to their health and wellbeing!  My two year old now loves going and even laughs while being adjusted.  It is obvious she loves children and it is always fun walking out with a balloon!

    Thanks,  Dr. Linda!