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    Chronic Medication

    Chronic MedicaitonNew research has shown that 51% of insured Americans were taking prescription medications to treat a chronic health problem, with many people on multiple medications.  Though senior citizens have the highest rate, younger adults show the steepest rise in chronic medication use.  And nearly 30% of children 19 and under take a chronic medication.  Allergy and asthma drugs are most commonly prescribed, followed by medications to treat ADHD and antidepressants.

    How can we change this?  Of course, we’ll never become a drug-free nation (and drugs have their place).  But improving our health through diet/supplementation, exercise, proper sleep, and chiropractic care is a great way to start.  Most chronic conditions can be helped or prevented by natural means, it just might take a little more effort than popping a pill.  If you are not on any chronic medication, make it your goal to stay that way!  If you are, do whatever you can to minimize the amount you take, or maybe even eliminate them through natural means.

    If you are taking chronic medication and are looking for natural relief, contact me today to set an appointment, together we can get through this!