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    Health and Nutrition – Shaklee Products

    Shaklee has chosen August as their most common time to introduce new products and this year is no exception. One new product this year is a Whey Protein drink, which they have made to fit into their CINCH weight-loss program, so each serving is also a complete meal replacement. That is, it has one third of all your other nutrients in it, as well. This product is great for those who have a sensitivity or allergy to soy, which Shaklee’s other protein products are made of. It comes in a vanilla flavor. It is available now.

    shaklee-logoThe other new product that is exciting us this year is called Vitalizer. In this product Shaklee has combined 80 bio-optimized nutrients and 4 different and unique delivery systems, including a sustained release gel diffusion system, proven to maintain blood nutrient levels for 12 hours. All from one dose a day. Each dose is a “blister pack” which contains 2 Vita Lea (Shaklee’s proven multi-vitamin/multi-min- eral formula), one sustained release C+B (a new product combining vitamin C and B-complex), 2 Caroto/E/Omega Caps (in one new pill) and one OptiFlora pearl. This pack was made based on the results of the study Shaklee just finished (see back of newsletter), and the 8 most used supplements among the healthiest Shaklee users. It contains 23 vitamins and minerals, 26 antioxidants and anti-aging nutrients that all work together and are easily used by the body. We have some of this on order, and should have it by the time you read this, but call ahead if you want to try this, just in case it is backordered.

    Health and Nutrition – Shaklee Products