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    "Dr Bruinsma has a very special touch - gentle but corrective. I have tried others, but she is the best!" -- D.L.
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    How often is a question I get frequently. Everyone wants to know how often he or she needs to come in for adjustments. The answer to that is…it depends. Do you want a quick fix, or a long term solution? How old are you? What is your health history? What is your lifestyle and activity level?

    I’ll try to answer the question by starting at the beginning. I recommend that babies get checked as soon as possible. Birth is very traumatic, and I want every baby to start life with a healthy spine and nervous system. Infants should be checked at every milestone (crawling, walking, etc.) and if any symptoms occur, such as colic, ear infections, or frequent colds. Children’s needs for adjustments can vary depending on activity levels. Most should be checked at least 2 – 4 times a year. Some may need it more than this if they are involved in active sports, or even active play, such as using a trampoline. Also, as they get older and go through growth spurts, those are important times to be checked.

    For adults the answer to ‘how often’ is also quite variable. A healthy person who eats a healthy diet, gets adequate sleep and exercise and doesn’t have too much physical, mental, or emotional stress in his or her life may be able to get by without adjustments on regular basis. I haven’t met too many people like that, though. So for the rest of us: If you are pretty healthy and take good care of yourself, you may be able to get by with ‘quarterly’ checks – that is adjustments about once every 3 months. Most of us will be better off getting adjusted about once a month. For many people this is enough to maintain a healthy spine, as long as we are also working on the other aspects of health. For some people even more often is best. People with previous injuries and illnesses, or with a lot of stress in their lives may need to come twice a month. I myself get adjusted on average 2 – 4 times a month. I need it that frequently primarily because of a couple of old injuries, and because my work is quite physically stressful (bending a lot) – though in every other way it’s extremely rewarding.

    Of course, even when we are doing it all right – getting adjusted regularly, getting enough sleep and healthy food, etc – things can happen that make us need a little extra care. This winter has seen plenty of people in after shoveling snow, falling on the ice, even some car accidents. Any time you are under more stress than usual, or have any type of injury, you should think first of getting your spine checked. You’ll feel better!

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