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    Who wants a flu shot?


    Who needs a flu shot?I am asked many times every year whether or not I get a flu shot, or if I recommend them. My usual answer is that I would rather have a strong immune system and be able to fight off infections than use a drug to try to avoid the flu. There are so many strains of flu and colds that one shot cannot protect from every possibility. And as we all know, all medications have side effects. This quote is from the San Francisco Chronicle, January 27, 2004: “ The world’s leading immunogeneticist, Hugh Fudenberg, stated that if an individual has five consecutive flu shots, instead of two, one, or no shots, his/her chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease are 10 times higher.” WOW!

    The article also told that patients under regular chiropractic care had a far greater chance of survival of the flu than those under medical care. Examples come from the flu epidemic of 1918. In Iowa, 1 out of 15 patients under medical care died. But at the Palmer Chiropractic College, there was only one fatality out of 1635 cases adjusted. The research study that showed this concluded that the overall ratio of flu cases cared for versus deaths was as follows: Medical care, 1 out of 17 died. Osteopathic care, 1 out f 36 died. Chiropractic care, 1 out of 866 died. I think I’ll stick with chiropractic.

    The chiropractic book “One Minute Wellness” states that “Dr Ronald Pero of New York University found patients under long term chiropractic care had between 200% and 400% stronger immune systems than non-chiropractic patients.

    In addition to chiropractic care for a strong immune system, I recommend good nutritional supplements. The best product I have ever used is Shaklee’s Nutriferon. It prepares your immune system to better handle invaders. It seems to call the “killer cells” to action. It optimizes your natural immune response process at a cellular level, without overstimulating. And it balances your immune response against environmental irritants and airborne pollutants. Ask me about it! Of course, getting your proper nutrition, rest, water, and exercise are also important in staying healthy.