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    "Dr Bruinsma has a very special touch - gentle but corrective. I have tried others, but she is the best!" -- D.L.
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    I recently heard a muffin and latte compared to a cupcake and milk shake.  They both had about the same nutritional value.  It made me wonder what you have for breakfast.  Ideally you should have a high amount of protein (compared to fab and carbs) with your breakfast.  I do this by having an easily made protein drink.  But if you don’t want that, then consider an old fashioned breakfast of eggs, maybe with some Greek yogurt,  and some healthy fats, like nuts.  In some cultures, breakfast is whatever is left over from dinner the night before.  I may seem odd to us, but it’s not a bad idea.

    What Causes Headaches?

    WHAT-CAUSES-HEADACHESWhat causes headaches? Some are caused by sinus trouble, eye problems, chemicals, nutritional deficiencies, stress, tension, and many other things. Many of them are related to blood vessels constricting – therefore called vascular headaches. But many headaches have their origins in the spine. Even when there are other factors complicating matters, improper spinal alignment is usually a big factor in who will get headaches and who will not.

    Medical treatment for headaches is usually just to treat the symptom. “Take a pill.” Sometimes glasses can “cure” headaches, if the reason for the headache was poor vision. Sometimes very serious things such as brain tumors cause headaches. But for the majority of headaches, having your spine checked for proper alignment is the best thing you can do for yourself. After an exam and history, if problems are found in the spine, adjustments can be given that often relieve headaches, often almost immediately. If you or someone you know suffers from headaches, try chiropractic. You may be able to get rid of those aspirins! Whether it’s migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches, or vascular headaches, chiropractic may be able to help by normalizing the body’s nervous system, and allowing it to heal.

    If chiropractic doesn’t help, nutritional changes may help your headaches. I have a lot of information on that, too. It can range from hormonal to vitamins to minerals. If you have questions on what causes headaches the answer is easy, ask me for more information!


    WHAT CAUSES SUBLUXATIONS-01So what causes subluxations? Maybe first we need to define “subluxation”. In simple terms, subluxation is the misalignment of bones, especially the vertebrae, which adversely affects the tissue nearby, including nerves, muscles, cartilage, discs, etc. Since we need a fully functioning spine to be healthy and move freely, we should all be working to eliminate our subluxations! That’s what adjustments do! But what causes them in the first place? Generally, it is accepted that there are three categories of causes, physical, mental, and chemical. We tend to think only of the physical, but the others are also important.



    Examples of Physical causes of subluxations are:

    • Being born
    • Learning to walk
    • Shoveling snow
    • Car accidents
    • A bad pillow
    • Getting into your car wrong
    • Sitting on your wallet
    • Contact sports
    • High heeled shoes
    • Overuse of computers
    • Lifting wrong
    • Gardening wrong

    Examples of Mental causes of subluxations are:

    • Getting bad news
    • STRESS Frustration
    • Paying the bills
    • Being late Funerals
    • Getting a speeding ticket
    • Job interview
    • Relationship problems
    • Depression

    Examples of Chemical causes of subluxations are:

    • Junk food/poor diet
    • Alcohol
    • Preservatives
    • Medications (Muscle relaxers, pain pills, sleeping pills and more)
    • Cigarette smoke
    • Air pollution
    • Bad water

    This is only a short list of  what causes subluxations. Do you see that it is difficult to protect yourself from every cause of subluxation? That is one of the reasons I recommend that everyone be checked periodically, even if no symptoms are present. If you have not had your spine checked lately, call for an appointment today. And if you know of someone else you think might benefit, spread the word.

    Chiropractic adjustments can help more than just back pain. They help keep your whole body working right. Contact me today at 616-531-3566 to see how we can relieve you of the subluxations than can occur everyday of your life!


    Can chiropractics helpAlmost everyone can be helped by chiropractic, and for more conditions than most people realize. If you have a spine, chiropractic is an option for you. Did you know that even animals benefit from chiropractic care? I’ve treated people from 3 days old to 95 years old. If you wonder if your condition can be helped, ask. From asthma and allergies, to headaches, arm pain, sciatica, back pain and more, if it has a nerve supply (and everything in the body does) it could be affected by spinal misalignments.  Many people often forget that nerves are the signals for the body to perform all actions.  Chiropractics can even help with digestion issues! We are experts in making sure your body is running the best it can.

    So when you ask yourself “can chiropractics help?” the answer could be yes!  People often think that their issues are unique, but chances are you are not alone.  I just love it when a client hears that we can help headaches that they have been on medications for and within a few visits I can see the relief in their faces and the joy of living pain free.  Contact me today to get your consultation to see if I can get you feeling better!

    Stand Tall for a Longer Life!

    Stand Tall For Longer LifeEveryone knows that people lose height as they age, but did you know that getting shorter can shorten your life? A recent University of London study found a strong correlation between losing height and mortality! The authors speculated that physical restriction of the lungs and abdominal cavity was responsible for the increase in cardiovascular disease, stroke, and respiratory mortality.

    Height loss is usually from either the progressive hunching of bad posture, or from disc dehydration. Chiropractic can help both of these problems. Keeping the body in alignment and keeping the core muscles strong can potentially help people live longer and healthier. Patients often report that they feel taller after an adjustment. So stand tall, get your regular adjustments, and do your exercises for even more benefits than you may have thought! Many times I am asked “How often do I need to be adjusted?” While that answer is different for everyone, the minimum that I recommend for people who generally feel good and want to stay that way is once every three months. Once a month is better for anyone with a history of any significant spinal problems, and some people need it even more often. I get adjusted two to three times a month, since I’ve had a back injury, and that frequency keeps me feeling my best.

    If you have questions about helping your posture, give me a call or contact me today!

    Speed The Back Pain Healing

    back-pain-healingPatients often ask me what they can do to speed their recovery and enhance the healing process. It may seem like you are hurting forever, but these steps will expedite the back pain healing process. Here are some ideas:

    • 1. Proper rest. A good night’s sleep gives your body time to heal. Use a supportive mattress and a pillow that promotes proper neck curve. Sleep on your back or side.
    • 2. Better diet. Make sure your body has the best raw materials to heal muscles and soft tissues. While good nutrition is always important, it is doubly so now. This may mean adding specific supplements to your routine.
    • 3. Keep appointments. Recommendations for your care come from experience of helping others with similar problems. I want you to have just the right number of visits for maximum results.
    • 4. Moderate exercise. A regular program of walking or swimming can improve overall muscle tone. If you are unsure what exercises to do, please ask.
    • 5. Correct lifting. Lift with your knees and keep your back straight. Correct sitting and good posture are also important.
    • 6. Tell others. Interestingly, patients who tell others about their chiropractic experience seem to get well faster. Telling others can reinforce your commitment and remind you of the simple truths of the chiropractic approach to health.

    Healing takes time. But it will happen faster if we both do our parts.

    If you have questions about recovery time or how to help speed up your back pain healing process, call me today at 616-531-3566; I will be happy to help in any way I can!

    How To Avoid Back Pain: EXERCISE!

    There’s that word so many of you hate, yet others love: EXERCISE. So to encourage those of you who don’t like to do it, let me remind you of some of the benefits:

    * Control weight
    * Decrease body fat
    * Combat disease (cardiovascular, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and more)
    * Improve mood
    * Boost energy
    * Better sleep
    * Helps you hold your adjustments!
    * … And it can be fun!!!

    The keys to avoiding back pain are exercise, balance and consistency. By balance I mean you should work all the areas of your body so that you don’t have such strength in one area, with less in another that you could leave yourself prone to problems. For instance, six-pack abs need to be balanced with strong lower back muscles. If you are in a sport that uses one side of the body consistently more than the other, you need to work the other side at other times so you have balance. And of course consistency means keep doing it, and doing it, and doing it……It’s ok to take a few days or a week off in you are on vacation, but otherwise you should be exercising at least 3 –5 times a week. Forever. Now for my one of my favorite exercises for the spine:

    How To Avoid Back Pain: EXERCISE! BIRD DOG: while on your hands and knees, lift right leg and straighten it, stretching it, while lifting the left arm forward (elbow next to ear) and stretching it; hold for 5 – 10 seconds. Repeat with opposite arm and leg. At first you may only be able to hold this for 1 – 3 seconds, but the balance and For those who cannot get down on their knees, a modified version of this is to stand in front of a wall, with right hand on wall and stretch left arm, right leg, and repeat with the opposite.

    Feel free to ask me to show you this or others the next time you are in for your adjustment.

    How To Avoid Back Pain: EXERCISE!

    QUICK TIP: SMARTER MOUSING. If you use a computer mouse a lot remember these tips: Don’t move the mouse with just your wrist. Use your entire arm and shoulder. Don’t rest your arm on the edge of the desk while using the mouse; hold the mouse loosely keeping your wrist relaxed. Hold it in a neutral position. And most important: MOVE AWAY FROM THE MOUSE several times per hour and move your wrist, arm, and shoulder around. (Source: American Chir. Association)

    If you have questions or are looking for a better way to avoid back pain, contact me today or visit the office anytime!  Our phone number: 616-531-3566

    Office Hours: Monday & Thursday: 8:30 – 6:00; Tuesday & Friday: 8:30 – 5:00

    Back Pain Surgery

    Back Pain Surgury

    Know The Risks!

    Every year 12 million Americans make new-patient visits to their doctor for chronic low back pain. 100 millions patient visits are made to chiropractors for it every year. More work days are lost from low back pain than any other form of disability in the United States. The causes of low back pain are often difficult to diagnose, and therefore treat. According to the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine, dramatic surgical successes apply to only about one per cent of patients with low back disorders. For back patients who undergo surgery, 15 to 20 per cent will fall into the category of “failed back”, referring to people with long term back pain that medical doctors can’t fix. Post surgical scarring can also cause chronic back pain.

    Some causes of back pain are not generally known. For example, myelegrams, done for diagnostic purposes, actually cause many cases of back pain! This can happen from scarring or from dye left over from the test, causing a cyst within the scar tissue (mostly from oil dyes). Water dyes are now being used more than oil dyes, but are not without problems, either. Epidural anesthesia given for pain relief during childbirth and for some outpatient surgery has also been found to cause a high incidence of long-term back pain. This may be partly because the patient can remain in a potentially damaging posture for long periods of time. One study showed that eight per cent of women who had epidurals during labor developed long term backache as a direct consequence of back pain surgury.

    The reason  write about these problems is not just to scare you, but to get you to think about how you want to treat your back pain. Medical science does not have all the answers. Chiropractic, being conservative and usually very effective, should be the first line of treatment for any back problem If all else fails, maybe surgery could be tried. It often sounds like a quick solution, compared to regular adjustments, need to be worked on for a lifetime. When if comes to back pain surgery, remember quick solutions are not always the best.

    If you have questions or want a second opinion on an expensive operation, contact me today so we can work on saving you from pain without the nasty ramifications that surgery can produce.

    Chronic Medication

    Chronic MedicaitonNew research has shown that 51% of insured Americans were taking prescription medications to treat a chronic health problem, with many people on multiple medications.  Though senior citizens have the highest rate, younger adults show the steepest rise in chronic medication use.  And nearly 30% of children 19 and under take a chronic medication.  Allergy and asthma drugs are most commonly prescribed, followed by medications to treat ADHD and antidepressants.

    How can we change this?  Of course, we’ll never become a drug-free nation (and drugs have their place).  But improving our health through diet/supplementation, exercise, proper sleep, and chiropractic care is a great way to start.  Most chronic conditions can be helped or prevented by natural means, it just might take a little more effort than popping a pill.  If you are not on any chronic medication, make it your goal to stay that way!  If you are, do whatever you can to minimize the amount you take, or maybe even eliminate them through natural means.

    If you are taking chronic medication and are looking for natural relief, contact me today to set an appointment, together we can get through this!

    Who wants a flu shot?


    Who needs a flu shot?I am asked many times every year whether or not I get a flu shot, or if I recommend them. My usual answer is that I would rather have a strong immune system and be able to fight off infections than use a drug to try to avoid the flu. There are so many strains of flu and colds that one shot cannot protect from every possibility. And as we all know, all medications have side effects. This quote is from the San Francisco Chronicle, January 27, 2004: “ The world’s leading immunogeneticist, Hugh Fudenberg, stated that if an individual has five consecutive flu shots, instead of two, one, or no shots, his/her chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease are 10 times higher.” WOW!

    The article also told that patients under regular chiropractic care had a far greater chance of survival of the flu than those under medical care. Examples come from the flu epidemic of 1918. In Iowa, 1 out of 15 patients under medical care died. But at the Palmer Chiropractic College, there was only one fatality out of 1635 cases adjusted. The research study that showed this concluded that the overall ratio of flu cases cared for versus deaths was as follows: Medical care, 1 out of 17 died. Osteopathic care, 1 out f 36 died. Chiropractic care, 1 out of 866 died. I think I’ll stick with chiropractic.

    The chiropractic book “One Minute Wellness” states that “Dr Ronald Pero of New York University found patients under long term chiropractic care had between 200% and 400% stronger immune systems than non-chiropractic patients.

    In addition to chiropractic care for a strong immune system, I recommend good nutritional supplements. The best product I have ever used is Shaklee’s Nutriferon. It prepares your immune system to better handle invaders. It seems to call the “killer cells” to action. It optimizes your natural immune response process at a cellular level, without overstimulating. And it balances your immune response against environmental irritants and airborne pollutants. Ask me about it! Of course, getting your proper nutrition, rest, water, and exercise are also important in staying healthy.